Why the Curbless Glass Shower Makes so Much Sense

Showers can be an awesome experience to either start your day or to wind it down after a challenging day. We wrote earlier about Five Grown Up Shower Designs We Love. Among those top five were walk in showers and they make so much sense.

They Open up the Bath

curbless shower

The first thing you notice with a curbless glass shower is how much they open up the entire bath. You’re no longer boxed out of the shower space with curbs, partitions, or even doors. It completely opens up the space and, as a result, opens up your design options.

Sleek Contemporary Look and Clean Lines

Given this, they can really add a sleek look to your bathroom. Plus, since it is open to the rest of the room, it expands the options for tile patterns that extend throughout the bath. To get a better idea of the options, I like the Houzz curbless shower home design photo gallery.

A Frameless Door is Your Option

You can add a door with little impact on the overall design. A frameless door can enhance the style of your shower. A door can also serve to keep the shower a little warmer during the colder months as well as contain the water within the shower.

Aging in Place

This type of shower is also ideal for those who have access issues. For example, a wheelchair can readily roll right into the shower. The curbless shower is an excellent starting point for redesigning a bath for aging in place or for an aging parent.

It Does Take a Skilled Remodeler

Without a curb, it does take thoughtful, well-informed design and installation to ensure that water only goes where you want it to go. With curbless shower design there are many factors that need to be considered during the remodeling design and construction.

We’ve Been There, Done That

You can be sure that we’ve installed quite a few curbless glass showers in many of our bath remodeling projects. You can see some of our work in our bath gallery. I feel that the gallery for our Large Walk in Shower and for our Beach-Inspired Master Bath really show off the use of a curbless shower to enhance the overall bath design.

It Makes Sense for Your Home

A curbless glass shower can clearly make a great deal of sense for your home. With our expertise and experience with this type of shower, we can bring this dream to reality in your home.
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