About My Hometown in Transylvania

As we move into the cooler weather and holiday season, my mind wanders to thoughts of home. Usually, my accent gives it away that I’m not from around these parts. Sometimes I jokingly tell people I’m from South Texas. Oddly, they never believe it. So I thought I would take this opportunity of personal reflection and share with you some information about where I am from and how it is a little different from Dallas.

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Luxury Remodeling

How to Prioritize Rooms to Remodel

I’m sure, just like us, you are coming off the tour of the homes you took during the holidays. It was wonderful to connect with everyone and enjoy the food and festivities.

Even during the holiday frenzy, I bet you’ve picked up a few decorating and remodeling ideas during these trips. With so many ideas and possibilities, it’s always tough to determine which project should come first—there are so many ways to sift and sort your ideas.

Here are my thoughts on prioritizing your remodeling projects.

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