Bathroom Remodel

Transformation Meets Relaxation


Our client reached out to us to overhaul their master bathroom. Although the space was large and worked for them in the past years, they really wanted to create a space they could truly enjoy and feel refreshed walking into the space. They wanted it bright and open with a spa retreat feel. Technology features requested by our clients were an air massager and geyser function with a heated back tub and steam integrated into the shower +  built in bluetooth speakers in the ceiling.

To achieve the new open layout, we completely reconfigured the bathroom. The new tub is truly a spa tub, that has its own remote control to control the air jets, temperature and lighting. To give the bather the ultimate spa-like experience and functionality of the space, we added a shaving mirror,this was also requested by the client. The mirror illuminates with the shower lights and has a built-in defogger.

The new vanity is a quarter sawn white oak custom-built 12 ft floating vanity and is completely wall hung. The cabinets have clean lines and were designed to accommodate the client’s requests such as a custom hair accessory pull out, double trash pull-out and organized drawers under each sink. The mirrors are custom built mirrors that are specifically designed to eliminate any outlets on the backsplash. Both mirrors are back-lit, have LED lighting and also have integrated electrical outlets and USB ports all within reach and out of sight. In addition,  lighting was updated with new LED recessed lights and sconce lights with dimmers.

Since the entire shower is controlled by a digital touchpad, a Kohler DTV valve + all the electronic components had to be accessible and near the shower. There was no closet or attic space nearby so we opted to build a custom cabinet in the water closet above the toilet that has a removable back to give full access to the electronics of the DTV system. This system allows the user to turn on and control the shower from their phone while in the kitchen, have the preset temperature, shower configuration and favorite tunes playing.

The client also liked the idea of full slabs in the shower to create a dramatic feel which we achieved by using 5 slabs that were also installed on the shower ceiling. The end result is absolutely stunning.

Location Dallas Texas