Working Professionals’ Top Reasons for Hiring MHM to Remodel Their Homes

As you’re considering home remodeling projects, you have some options. You can do-it-yourself, hire individual contractors, or hire a professional remodeler.

Of course, I feel that your best option is to hire a professional remodeler . While I’m not one to brag, I do want to explain why I think it is so critical to hire a professional.

Start to Finish

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One big advantage of a professional remodeler is that they tackle the full project, from start to finish, taking care of all the work and all the details. This can greatly ease the stress and anxiety for you and your family. MHM has been doing this for years.

Experience and Expertise

Any professional remodeler you hire will be expected to have extensive knowledge and experience. This is especially critical since their work includes not only changing the appearance of your home but often includes significant structural changes. MHM has been in business over a decade and has developed considerable experience and expertise over that time—all of which will be focused on your project. 

A great source for finding other experts is your local NARI chapter.  Members must meet certain qualifications to join and all are held to a high ethical standard.  You would not list your house for sale with someone who is not part of the National Realtor Association, so why have your remodeling done by someone who is not part of the National Association of Remodeling Industry.

Design Sense

Your remodeler should also have a sound design sense to not only advise you on the best design options but to also bring together the nuances of form and function throughout your home. The MHM team has extensive architectural design training that is leveraged on all the projects.

Technical Know-How

Remodeling professionals need to follow the best installation practices that deliver quality results. This includes plumbing, electrical, waterproofing, construction, as well as complying with ever-changing and increasingly demanding home building requirements, including energy-efficiency demands. MHM is a Certified Remodeler and a Green Certified Professional. See the full list below.

Attention to Detail

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The devil is in the details, or so it’s said. Every aspect of a remodeling project must be watched and even guarded to make sure every detail is addressed and done so at the right time. One detail forgotten could end up costing a significant amount in rework. MHM has that attention to detail, including from every one of our team members.


We bring to every project valued team members who are true craftsman and where needed we include trusted and proven partners. These team members and partners have worked together on many, many previous projects. They know what works and what’s expected. Any remodeler should be providing the same.

Track Record

Our track record, including an extensive list of testimonials, speaks for itself. Or, better yet, we would be happy to provide contact information so that you can call some of our references and find out for yourself.

Sound Business Practices

Your chosen remodeler should also follow sound business practices to ensure you’re getting everything you’ve discussed. Here’s a sampling:

  • Accurate Pricing. You need detailed pricing that eliminates guesswork on what you’re getting and what you’re paying.
  • Written Contract. This document spells out exactly what you’re getting, when, and what recourses are available if things don’t work out as expected.
  • Warranty. Protect your investment with the backing of a warranty and guarantee from an established business.

You’ll find that MHM has all these business practices in place. It’s exactly what you’d expect in your own professional work. You should expect no less from your remodeler.


We’ve been named Best of Houzz for client satisfaction in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. That’s a testament to our focus on delivering quality service from start to finish, and beyond, with all our home makeovers.

You’re a Professional, Let the Professional Handle Your Home Remodeling

We’re a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry including this short list of certifications and qualifications:

  • Certified Remodeler
  • Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler
  • Green Certified Professional
  • Board of Directors Greater Dallas
  • Contractor of the Year Award Winner Greater Dallas, Regional, and National

You can find more, including the full list about our awards from the last several years on our Accolades page.

We’ve been in this business for many years, right in your neighborhood. My team of craftsmen, supported by tried and true partners, can take your ideas and make them reality.

Give us a call at 972.951.1932 or use the contact form.

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