Top 5 Home Design Trends For 2021

We customize every renovation based on a client’s lifestyle and we’re seeing and incorporating these key home design elements for our clients:

Multi-functional Spaces

We are helping clients recreate and expand workspaces that can be used for multiple people. With more and more people working from home, we are seeing a trend of creating larger offices, or multiple offices within a home. Since more people were forced to stay at home, clients began turning dedicated rooms into flex spaces. These spaces can double as an office to work from and have meetings but can then easily transition to playing/entertaining spaces or home gyms. Further, we are seeing clients requesting more open spaces, most notably between the living room and kitchen.  The expansion of these common areas encourages the gathering of people, which results in more bonding, home entertaining, and family time.

Spa-like Bathrooms

Moving out of the pandemic, clients are wanting their bathrooms to provide an escape. We do this by creating a spa-like experience with large soaking tubs, digital-based steam, and music technology embedded in their showers, and even heated floors. Clients are requesting glass walk-in showers which open up the space, gives a sleek, contemporary look and provides ample access for those who may need it.

Natural Stone, Natural Wood and Mixed Metals in Kitchens

For countertops, we are seeing natural stone elements such as quartzite being incorporated quite a bit.  We are also installing fully integrated functional sinks, which can include trays, a prep station, and two faucets to increase counter space and to allow two people to use the sink simultaneously.  Our clients are choosing natural wood cabinetry as opposed to MDF wood and are combining different finishes such as mixed metals for customizable appliances, hardware, and fixtures.

Butler Pantry

There has been a resurgence of the butler pantry. We are creating built-in pantries, a renovation trend which is functional as this space is now becoming an extension of the kitchen and is used as a party prep area.  We are installing multitudes of built-in machines such as coffee makers and espresso machines in this space while housing ice makers, commonly used appliances, and/or be a beverage area, for coffee and wine. 

Smart Homes

We incorporate many IoT (internet of things) elements such as voice activated showers, sensors that re-set the house temperature and lights that turn on when a client arrives, just to name a few. Technology evolves at such a rapid pace that it is critical to always be on the forefront of new trends and innovations. Home integrated automation allows our clients to focus on what is important to them such as spending time with family or addressing work priorities while the technology remains in the background. At the end of the day, it is all about understanding our client’s daily rituals so that we can make a difference in their lives, which is our goal at MHM LIVING.

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