Our home had reached the twenty year mark and was in need of an upgrade. I was told to go with a contractor associated with NARI, so when I searched, one of the companies I found was MHM Living. We contacted Botond and arranged for a consultation at our home. The first meeting was not just a walk through. Botond began by sitting with us and learning more about us. The thing he said that really struck me was that in order for both parties to be happy with the end result, we would need to build a relationship. And he was so right. We hired Botond and broke the work into two phases. The smallest project was the upstairs. They completed the work quickly and with great attention to detail. We then moved upstairs and the work began in the lower floor. Phase two was 6 weeks, since the renovation was large and touched every room on the lower level. Living in construction is never “fun” but Botond and his crew made it as easy as possible. Now that we are done and moved back into the downstairs, it was so worth it. Botond lived up to everything he promised and more. The work is beautiful and he created a living space exactly as we had envisioned. He got to know us and listened to us, thereby creating the perfect home for us. The crew was always professional, always cleaned up at the end of each day, and were very respectful of the fact that their “canvas” was still our living space throughout the project. If you are looking for a contractor who is a forward thinker, professional, honest, and easy to work with, you should talk with Botond. As promised, we built a relationship and all parties are very pleased with the renovation results.