I am SO grateful I was referred to Botond at MHM Living. His work is AMAZING – but the positive experience wasn’t just from the finished product. He was referred highly to us from friends who had more work done that we did and they raved about the experience – at first we really didn’t understand what they meant by the experience vs. the finished product. We got one slightly cheaper bid but even during the initial consultation, Botond threw out so many more creative solutions and identified so many more considerations for the job and was so committed to listening to all our input than the other remodeler that we had to go with him. During the project Botond was so communicative we knew exactly what was going on at all phases and he would give us as much or as little information as we wanted, practically daily through the project. It was very cool to deal with one construction team through the process – they were very considerate and friendly. You have to sit down across from Botond to really understand what I’m saying, but the finished product is much better than we initially envisioned and the process of working with the construction guys is first class.