University Park III

Our client desired a complete transformation of their master bathroom to create a bright and open space with a spa-like atmosphere. They requested technological features such as an air massager, geyser function, heated back tub, steam integration in the shower, and built-in Bluetooth speakers in the ceiling. To achieve the open layout, we reconfigured the entire bathroom, including a new spa tub with a remote control, a shaving mirror, and updated LED lighting with dimmers.

A custom-built 12 ft floating vanity made of quarter sawn white oak was designed with clean lines, custom hair accessory pull-outs, double trash pull-outs, and organized drawers under each sink. Custom-built mirrors with back-lighting, LED lighting, and integrated electrical outlets and USB ports were installed to eliminate any outlets on the backsplash. To accommodate the digital touchpad control of the shower, we built a custom cabinet in the water closet above the toilet that provides full access to the electronics of the Kohler DTV valve system. The shower was designed with 5 full slabs to create a dramatic feel, which were also installed on the shower ceiling. The result was a stunning, spa-like oasis that met all of the client’s requests.