Simple Elegance with a Warm Glow

After the completion of multiple projects for our clients, the kitchen stood out as outdated and was in need of a major overhaul. They wanted to have a kitchen that was fully functional and beautiful. Kitchens are where most all families gather and while this client is no different, they did have special requirements to accommodate their three furry canine family members in the new kitchen. Our design focused on creating a bright open space that allowed for better flow, and flexible mobility and accessibility options.

The previous kitchen space had low ceilings; inadequate lighting and a peninsula divided the kitchen’s usable space in half. This project presented some challenges in the effort to open up the space and have more efficient usable area. A lot of additional features and usable space were carefully planned and placed in the new design.

  • A large island was installed to replace the peninsula. This required all new plumbing and electrical work. The island was maximized for the space and used virtually the entire slab of Corteccia quartzite. It needed to be large enough to accommodate a large Galley sink, dishwasher and built in drawer microwave.
  • Through detailed design considerations the client settled on having space in the island to house the three large dog crates for their award winning dogs
  • Continuing to push the limits of the space, two side by side 30” fridge and freezer units were built into the cabinet wall and then flanked by pantry space creating an uninterrupted wall of storage. Health and environmental concerns were pivotal for our client.
  • The dark cherry forestry certified cabinets are custom built and factory finished for higher quality and environmentally friendly process.
  • All lighting, including pendants and recess lighting are ICAT and LED lighting throughout.
  • Finishes are all zero VOC finishes.
  • Natural light envelopes the space through symmetrical Energy Star skylights and energy-efficient windows and doors. A raised roofline further opened up the space and allowed for the installation of skylights that create a perfect spot for furry family members to bask in the warm sun. Now all of the family, human and canine, can gather around the island, have fun together while preparing meals and comfortably connect in the heart of the home.
Location Dallas Texas