A Haven of Tranquility

Our client is a very athletic family, participating in several sports on a daily basis. They wanted a functional yet serene space where they could both relax and refresh. Together we decided on a roomy spa like walk- in bathroom that would suit their needs and lifestyle.

Our client had partially remodeled the home a few years prior but said the kitchen did not have the right feel. In addition, its functionality was stunted by the layout. The two large ovens were placed in a corner and inhibited the use of the nearby drawer space. The colors of the kitchen all blended together in a wash of cream. The countertops were marble and showing wear. Ultimately the client wanted a more functional kitchen, updated appearance and something they would feel reflected the warmth of their family. One of the major reworks of the kitchen was to open it up to the living room

  • In order to create the opening, we had to install a new large support beam because the wall was load-bearing for the upstairs.
  • While moving the wall we took advantage of the change to cancel the work desk that was in the kitchen; Before, all the paperwork on it could be seen from the front door, now it is concealed but still accessible to the kitchen area.
  • A floor to ceiling bookcase that was on the removed wall was carefully disassembled and repurposed. Reconfiguring the kitchen required some careful planning and placement.
  • In order to accommodate the 2 large ranges, and have neighboring cabinetry to now be functional, we had to close in a window area by the sink and in turn, relocate the fridge and sink.
  • Careful disassembly of bricks from the wing wall allowed us to reuse them. Due to the new layout, flooring had to be refinished, air returns were relocated, and new plumbing for two sinks and gas lines had to be installed.

The new kitchen is stunning. It combines a Tuscan feel with some modern twists. The custom stone hood and large stoves became a focal point in the kitchen. The antiqued cinnabar island softens the look of the stoves, compliments the darker ceiling and creates a warm touch in the heart of the kitchen. Perimeter counters are made of leathered Taj-Mahal quartzite, and the island is polished Typhoon Bordeaux granite. Above the island are hand blown glass pendants that give a little shimmer and sparkle to the Tuscan feel. The Arabesque style handmade ceramic backsplash pulls together the tones from the cabinets, countertops and ceiling. As part of our environmentally conscious building, we used KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Association) Environmental Stewardship Program certified cabinets and replaced all of the lighting with energy efficient lighting.
The outcome is warm, highly functional and an inviting space for family and friends to gather.

Dallas Texas